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Laura Lake

Laura Lake | Marketing Expert and Author

Hi, I’m Laura Lake. I’ve spent the last 20+ years implementing marketing techniques and training that will help you grow your business by offering marketing courses, marketing tutorials, and one-on-one marketing consultations.

If you are like most businesses you’ve worked with I know a few things about you already.  Can you relate to any of the following statements:

  • You have a great business idea but just aren’t sure how to get it out there.
  • You’ve tried multiple marketing tactics, but lacked the strategy behind it to make it a success.
  • You are tired of spending money on marketing that doesn’t work.
  • You struggle with not only marketing your business but building your own personal brand that gives your business the credibility it needs to be successful.

I know that you want to grow your business – but so does your competitor. You probably just need some help in getting a jumpstart on your marketing and don’t need a full agency,  perhaps just a little hand-holding or someone to bounce ideas off of.  I get it!

I specialize in teaching and training you on what you need to do to market your business, better than your competitor.

Let’s make a deal, you focus on running your business and I’ll guide you in marketing and help you grow your business.

Here are just a few things you don’t want to miss:

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